Elevating trust in corporate communications.

Full Transparency by Verizon.

The truth is under assault.

As a communications technology leader, Verizon felt uniquely positioned to combat misinformation. Our response: an open-source, blockchain-based product designed to help restore corporate transparency, rebuild public trust, and establish integrity in online content.



To pioneer an innovative, fully transparent way of communicating with online audiences, and to inspire other forward-thinking organizations to join the fight against misinformation.


An intuitive, open-source digital product that seamlessly integrates into the online newsroom reading experience, informing audiences of changes without distracting from the content itself—and built on the public blockchain.


When news releases are published to the blockchain, any subsequent changes are tracked and contextualized via the same cryptographic principles used by virtual currency exchanges.


Huge and Verizon developed an interface and badging system that makes it easy for journalists and analysts to fact-check, and for the public to have confidence that Verizon stands behind the information it shares online.

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This is what transparency looks like.

Product Overview.

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"Verizon’s ‘Full Transparency’ launches blockchain verification for news releases"


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